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More on the Orphan Rocker

A few years back Andrew dug up some old newspaper articles about the Orphan Rocker, dated to when it was being touted as a coming attraction. Of course we know it never happened.

But it seems it is now being demolished.

Here’s two articles I came across recently that tell of its demise. I’ll probably put all this together into a page some time.

Article in Sydney’s Daily Telegraph yesterday, including a video.

Great article in Parkz, with dozens of photos, about the Orphan Rocker, the Scenic Railway and the Skyway.

Photo from Telegraph article, 24 November 2017.


Photos from another family

A while back now, Ross Handley and his family stumbled across this site. They had stayed at Hokonui around 1986 and 1987, and kindly offered some of their family photos.

Find them under Front verandah, The view, Back verandah and In the yard.

Thanks so much, Ross, for adding to our memories of Hokonui.

Priceless Hokonui artefacts unearthed!

It’s a while since anyone posted, but here’s something good!

While tidying up the other day, I came across the original map and Dungeon Master instructions for one of our live Dungeons & Dragons games at Hokonui. I don’t know what year it was, but I suspect this was the first of 2 or 3 such games we played.

Check it out at the much enlarged Dungeons & Dragons page.

If you have any memories of these games, please share them.

Some classic memories

One of the strongest memories of Hokonui is Keith getting us all to howl like wolves without us realising what he was doing.

I’ve found the photo, so relive this moment, plus a performance of Sunarise at Classic moments

I’ve added some other new pages too, showing the back/front (take your pick) yard and some NYE celebrations.

Orphan Rocker

Orphan Rocker

Orphan Rocker article from Sydney Morning Herald, Tuesday 24 September 1985


Also – ‘The Orphan Rocker is Coming!’


Some classic photos

Tonight I added 8 more photos, including snow, several concerts, and more! They’re in these pages:

  • Front verandah
  • Lounge Room
  • Lounge/Dining Room
  • Back verandah


Hokonui blueprint – now with dimensions!

Hokonui blueprint

(click through for larger)

Hopefully this helps to make a bit more sense of things. Now, if people have suggestions, they can more easily identify which wall/room/distance they’re talking about, and can also recommend how much that part gets adjusted by!

Floor Plan – now in 3D!

Floor Plan - now in 3D!

(click through for larger version)


Now that I’m a full-fledged three-dimensional modeling pro (har, har), I took some time this week to update the floor plan we all started together. This (obviously) is just the bare beginnings. For one thing, I’m not pleased with the textures – they’re far too large! Makes the whole thing look like a tabletop model, even though I actually sketched it out to what I approximated as human-sized rooms. I may be able to find some way to improve on that.

Look forward to a future post, when I’m hoping to do a video fly-over, looking into rooms from different angles! Just dont, y’know, hold your breath.

– Dave

This blog is updated manually, or once a year!

It seems like I get the inspiration to add some more photos about once a year so far. I’ve just added a photo of the house from the front (valley side), and I hope I’ll get around to adding a few more now I’ve got the bug.

It would be great if someone else added a photo or memory – email me if you want to but don’t know how.

(Later addition.)

I got really enthusiastic and added 7 more photos on several new pages. Check them all out!

Let’s kickstart this thing

I thought it was time to rejuvenate this blog. So I’ve started 3 new pages and put some photos up to enjoy.

Check out Lounge/Dining room, Back verandah and Dungeons & Dragons.

If you have a photo to add, or a memory to share, log in and add it, and write a post to let people know. If you don’t know how to do that, write a comment and ask me. And if you “Follow this blog by email”, you’ll get an email every time anyone posts.

It couldn’t be easier!!

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