Hatfield memories

Front verandah

This was the Hokonui we can all remember – what you see as you walk back from  the Three Sisters or Lady Darley’s Lookout.

The view from the front over the Jamieson valley was worth a million dollars – and we got it for free.

The front of Hokonui, 1982

The front of Hokonui, 1982

July 86

The Kareelas make a special visit by train and foot to see Hokonui with snow on the ground, July 1986.

Front verandah

Front verandah, January 1987.

Photos by Ross Handley (1986/7)


5 thoughts on “Front verandah

  1. Kathryn on said:

    Even this long shot is a helpful reminder of how everything went together. So weird to think it’s not there anymore.
    Am I crazy or on our first trips was the bottom part uncovered and you could go in under there? And remember that time it snowed and we went up there (on the train, maybe?) and went into the garden – no one was staying there – but of course couldn’t go into the house?

  2. Yes, I think it was open for the first few years, and then closed in. Perhaps we could even use this photo to check the approx sizes of the different rooms?

    And yes, we did go there on the train in the snow, but I’m not sure what year. I’ll see if we have a photo and a date.

  3. Hey, I found the snow photo.

    • Kathryn on said:

      That’s so cool! I remember bits of that day; not all of it. Did we walk from the station? Seems like it would have been a lengthy walk…

      • We caught the train, I thought it was because the roads were closed for a while, but mum thinks it was because we thought it would be more fun. We walked through the shops to Hinkler Park (not the big park – that’s Kingsford Smith Park, but the little one on the way to Hokonui) and then on to Hokonui. I can’t remember what else we did. Yes, it would have been a half hour walk, longer uphill on the way back!

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