Hatfield memories

Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons was a favourite pastime at Hokonui. There were three different variations:

  • The original game, played on paper and in the imagination, while sitting around in the lounge room.
  • Spontaneous, live D&D in the back yard – basically a free-wheeling muck around with the 5 young warriors vs the evil necromancers Zelegar and Thalyrond, and lots of ham acting.
  • Live D&D, played mostly in the house, with a map, set-up puzzles, monsters and treasure, and a dungeon master controlling proceedings.

Backyard D&D

Here, Zelegar and Thalyrond fight off a marauding band of fighters armed only with mops of smelling, shoes of smelling,Tensor’s floating disks, a club and some spells – Christmas 1981.Zelegar&Thalyrond

Tired warriors after more outdoor D&D, January 1983.
D&D jan 83

Live D&D – Uruk-Hai’s Abode

These were major productions, which we organised just 2 or 3 times. Eric & Keith would set up the house while the warriors were outside, draw a map and write up instructions to Dungeon Master Lorraine. The DM would give the warriors instructions and lead them through the house in a defined order, while Keith and Eric would play the role of various monsters and enemies. The warriors had to figure out the best ways to vanquish monsters and find the treasure items.

Here is the map of one of these games (click on map for full size graphic), and a copy of the instructions [notes in square brackets were not in original, but for readers’ understanding].





1. Outdoors.

Lead them up past cars, round past verandah to entrance. 2 Kobolds attack.

Room 1

Steamy and wet. Slimy walls. Shrieker on wall brings hairy ogre (2 heads). Wait.

Room 2

Derelict prison cell. Apparently empty. Skeleton in cupboard (if opened). Zombie under bed. Genie in bottle (will answer only one question – DM’s discretion). Sleep spell scroll in top drawer.

Room 3


Room 4

Beserkers’ sleeping quarters. Paralysing spider over door. 2 Beserkers. Palantir in cupboard near door (no use now, but valuable – see things in far off lands). Exit through rear door onto verandah.

5. Outdoor passage

Statue other side of barricade. Does nothing. Diamond goblet between feet.

6. Indoor passage

[Climb in through bay window, along seat covered in by table or something, and then out other side of bay window.) Go through. Nothing in it.

7. Magician’s quarters

Empty but for statue. Statue will strike if touched or treasure taken, but will answer question or give treasure if asked. Treasure is solid gold statue (miniature).

8. Magician’s quarters

Slave sits on bed – can’t talk, but will fight if provoked. Switches off light, which can’t be turned on (Darkness spell).

9. Magician’s room

(Dark) Door shuts (wizard lock). Magician with spell to turn 3 people to stone. Others have to fight magician (feeble) and werebear who enters. Then find magician’s wand to turn party back. Vial of healing on dresser. Wait.

Room 10

Kitchen. Gelatinous cube (blue) and Ochre Jelly (bone).. No treasure.

Room 11

Empty, but magic circle in ceiling puts on sleep spell on anyone under it – but don’t say why.. Vial of healing will cure or protect those not under it.

Room 12

Junk Room. Empty, but anti-charm spell in secret compartment.

Room 13

Scullery. 2 Orcs. No treasure.

Room 14

Harpies. All inside metal floor strip are attracted into room by music and fall on bed. Those outside can form chain or use “Rhubarb” anti-charm spell to enter and rescue or fight. Treasure of diamond goblet on dresser.

Room 15

Dragon’s lair. Fierce dragon with sting in tail and poison breath. Lots of treasure.


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