Hatfield memories

Bunk Room

Not only a place to sleep, but the scene of much fun and games.

No photos so far, but I’ve made an attempt to estimate the size of the room from the layout – which unfortunately I’m not sure of. here’s my first guess, based on Andrew’s and my memories.

If we assume each bed is 2.5 ft wide and 6.5 ft long, and there is a space of 2 ft between each bed then the room is about 10.5 ft wide and either 24.5 ft long if there were 6 beds laid out as below, and perhaps 20 ft long if one less bed.

These are larger dimensions than shown on Dave’s current plan, but if we could agree on the bunk room, it would help settle a few more rooms.

Any ideas?

Tentative layout

Tentative layout


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