Hatfield memories

Hokonui blueprint – now with dimensions!

Hokonui blueprint

(click through for larger)

Hopefully this helps to make a bit more sense of things. Now, if people have suggestions, they can more easily identify which wall/room/distance they’re talking about, and can also recommend how much that part gets adjusted by!


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4 thoughts on “Hokonui blueprint – now with dimensions!

  1. davidbauchelle on said:

    Also, I’ve been meaning to ask – were the three toilets in the left WC all just open to each other? No dividing stalls or anything? I don’t recall what anybody may have said about that.

  2. This is cool Dave (sorry I took a while to notice it). I think I have a few suggested corrections, so I’d better get onto that.

    The toilets weren’t just open, and I think they were all in one line, but I’ll think about that. I’ll ask Andrew to comment.

  3. This looks cool. I have a few thoughts, but I’ll see if Dad and I can compare notes first.

  4. Dave, a few more thoughts….

    1. Yes we think there were 3 toilets, but not in one line as I said, but the outer two facing away from the side street and the middle one parallel to the street (we think).

    2. I think the bunk room dimensions are too small. Andrew and I think there were either 5 or 6 bed units, some double bunks, some single, making 8-10 beds in all. I have shown the larger arrangement on a new page labelled “Bunk Room”. This leads to a size for the bunk room of either 20.5 ft x 10.5 ft or 24.5 ft x 10.5 ft. Kathryn my remember the layout better however.

    3. This suggests to me that the widths of the kitchen and the toilets on that side were a little larger than you have as well.

    4. I think the Lounge room was more than 10 ft front to back, more like square, and more like 16 ft square. This would fit with the larger bunk room.

    5. Finally the smaller bathroom layout is not quite right. The shower was elongated, front to back because it was over a bath tub, thus squashing the toilet up towards the corridor more.

    That’s my first thoughts. I’ll do some more thinking later. Having this plan with dimensions is terrific, thanks, as it is a real aid to getting our memories more specific. Run these suggestion past Kathryn (when you have time in your current hectic schedule – there’s no rush) and see if she agrees.

    Thanks for doing all this, it is fun.

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