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Floor Plan – now in 3D!

Floor Plan - now in 3D!

(click through for larger version)


Now that I’m a full-fledged three-dimensional modeling pro (har, har), I took some time this week to update the floor plan we all started together. This (obviously) is just the bare beginnings. For one thing, I’m not pleased with the textures – they’re far too large! Makes the whole thing look like a tabletop model, even though I actually sketched it out to what I approximated as human-sized rooms. I may be able to find some way to improve on that.

Look forward to a future post, when I’m hoping to do a video fly-over, looking into rooms from different angles! Just dont, y’know, hold your breath.

– Dave


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3 thoughts on “Floor Plan – now in 3D!

  1. Hey Dave, that’s way cool. (1) You can post here (I wasn’t sure if that was enabled). (2) It’s more fun than just a plan. (3) A video fly-over is something I’ll look forward to before I die!! 🙂

  2. This is extremely useful Dave, as it helps compare the rooms for size. I’m going to be a pain and suggest a few possible changes:

    The bunk room looks too small compared to the cabin. It had about 5 beds in it, some double bunks, compared to only 3 in the cabin, and they were closer together I reckon. I think maybe the wall between the cabin and the front bedroom should move upwards, but I don’t know how to make the bunk room a little larger.

    The right side WC looks a little small (perhaps move its right side wall a fraction into the kitchen), as does the front right bedroom, while the right kitchen may be a little large.

    I’m inclined to think the left side lounge room should be more square.

    I’ll have a go at emailing some slight suggested changes. Ask Kathryn what she thinks too.

    This is fun!

    • davidbauchelle on said:

      Not being a pain at all, Eric! This is what we’re doing this for, right? I’m quite happy to make some changes.

      Moving the ‘east-west’ wall between the cabin and front-right bedroom is quite easy. As is moving the WC wall toward the kitchen some.

      As far as enlargening the bunk room: were all those beds in one row? Would it make sense to widen the room (i.e., some were against the other wall), or should I just lengthen it?

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